Tym Sokolskyi

PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison

CV & Some Disclaimers

A few explanations of my perhaps confusing educational history:

- I have two Bachelor's degree from two different universities. I started my studies at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University (TSKNU) in fall 2016, after graduating high school. Then I applied and was accepted for undergraduate studies at Duke University (NC, USA), not as a transfer student but rather as a first-year. I spent the next eight semesters, 2017-2021, in the U.S. studying at Duke. However, instead of dropping out of TSKNU, I kept studying there by combining online and in-person coursework, when I was coming home to Kyiv after each semester at Duke. This was possible due to differences in semester start/end dates between Duke and TSKNU and Karsh International Scholarship funding my flights home. As a result, I obtained a Plant Biology degree from TSKNU in 2020 and an Evolutionary Biology & Philosophy degree from Duke in 2021.

- My current PhD degree at UW-Madison is a Special Committee degree, meaning I, together with my advisor and committee members, designed an individual PhD study plan. My research interests lie in the discipline of Astrobiology & Origins of Life, which is a highly interdisciplinary field and does not fit well within existing graduate curricula. Hence, my PhD degree will be titled Astrobiology & Evolution and requires me to complete diverse coursework in evolutionary biology, microbiology, geosciences and chemistry.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

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