Tym Sokolskyi

PhD student, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Astrobiology, origins & early evolution of life
Sokolskyi, T., Ganju, P., Montgomery-Taylor, R., & Baum, D. A. (2024). Evidence of Heritability in Prebiotically Realistic Membrane-Bound Systems. Life, 14(3), 284.
Sokolskyi, T., Vincent, L., Evin, C., Ganju, P., Allen, E., Kuru, K., Montgomery-Taylor, R., Yang, J., Baum, D. From autocatalysis to evolution: experimental demonstration of chemical memory in autocatalytic systems. International Society for the Study of Origins of Life meeting (2023)

Sokolskyi, T., Ganju, P., Kuru, K., Allen, E., Montgomery-Taylor, R., Vincent, L., Baum, D. Experimental framework for detection of seed-dependent autocatalysis in prebiotically-plausible chemical systems. Astrobiology Graduate Conference (2023).

Sokolskyi, T., & DasSarma, S. Role of horizontal gene transfers and microbial ecology in the evolution of fluxes through the tricarboxylic acid cycle. International Journal of Astrobiology, 22(4), 399-413.
Yang, J., Vincent, L., Sokolskyi, T., Kuru, K., Montgomery-Taylor, R., Sankari, T., Manos, S., Baum, D.  Analysis of untargeted tandem liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data for understanding origins of life. Life and Space Conference, Polish Astrobiology Society (2022).
Sokolskyi, T., & DasSarma, S. Origins of the modern tricarboxylic acid cycle in the origins of life. Astrobiology Science Conference, American Geophysical Union (2022).

Sokolskyi, T. Bacterial Major Vault Protein homologs shed new light on origins of the enigmatic organelle. bioRxiv (2019). 
C. elegans ecotoxicology & microbiome
Leuthner, T., Benzing, L. C., Kohrn, B., Bergemann, C., Hipp, M., Hershberger, K., Mello, D. F., Sokolskyi, T., Stevenson, K., Merutka, I. R., Seay, S., Gregory, S., Kennedy, S. & Meyer, J. Resistance of mitochondrial DNA to cadmium and aflatoxin B1 damage-induced germline mutation accumulation in C. elegans. Nucleic Acids Research, gkac666 (2022).

Sokolskyi, T., Leuthner, L., Meyer, J. Impact of Aflatoxin B1 on C. elegans gut microbiome and host resistance. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America 41st Annual Meeting (2020).
Vertebrate Paleontology
Sokolskyi, T. (2023). First occurrence of pterosaurs in Ukraine from the Albian (Lower Cretaceous) Burim Formation, Kaniv Natural Reserve. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 43(1), e2238000.

Sokolskyi, T., & Guinot, G. Elasmobranch (Chondrichthyes) assemblages from the Albian (Lower Cretaceous) of Ukraine. Cretaceous Research, 117, 104603 (2021).

Sokolskyi, T., Kosch, J., & Zanno, L. Unusual tooth replacement in a new Cenomanian iguanodontian from the Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain formation. 79th Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (2019).

Sokolskyi, T., Guinot, G. Elasmobranch (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii) faunal complex from Late Albian (Early Cretaceous) of Kanev dislocations, Ukraine. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 50, No. 6 (2018).
Popova, L., Ogienko, O., Sokolskiy, T. Fossil Elasmobranchs and Stratigraphy of Cretaceous Deposits, Kaniv. Visnyk Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv, 1(68), 10-14 (2015).

Non-academic writing
- A short article discussing evolution of the weirdest organelle: A vault of knowledge: the weirdest and least studied cellular structure

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