Tym Sokolskyi

PhD student, University of Wisconsin-Madison


A 40-million-year-old shark tooth from a gigantic desert next to Kyiv called "Kyiv Sahara". Collecting fossils in this place sparked my interest in science when I was 10 years old and I kept visiting it almost every year until now.
My favorite place in the world - Kaniv Natural Reserve in central Ukraine. It is a lush forest with rich history and prehistory. I was there almost every summer since 2013 - for paleontological fieldwork (scroll to the bottom here) and twice for month-long TSKNU summer coursework programs.
Huge 230-million-year-old tracks or burrows (?) of some unknown organism around Hobart, Tasmania.
Zebras in a rainforest of Podocarpus conifers on Mount Kenya, Kenya. I was in Kenya in the fall 2019 semester as a part of Turkana Basin Institute Field School.
A fossil ammonite (extinct mollusc) in a coffin of a Polish king in Wawel castle, Krakow, Poland.


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