Tym Sokolskyi

PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Help Ukraine

As I am sure everybody reading this is aware, my country is suffering through a brutal invasion and genocide by a neighboring  dictatorship. Russian army does not hesitate to kill civilians and raise cities to the ground. Thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people have already been killed. Ukraine needs help to stop russian imperialism once and for all and as soon as possible. Here is a (by no means exhaustive) list of ways you can contribute:

- Spread accurate information
- Reach out to your Ukrainian friends
- Host a displaced Ukrainian scientist - you can sign up your lab here
- Send a message to the occupiers and help our armed forces at the same time
- Buy humanitarian aid or food boxes

A few places to donate:
- Come Back Alive foundation
- HelpUkraine Center
- Official National Bank of Ukraine donation link

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